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My White Kingdom

26 March 1989
HEY people... no, I will not go off into random little friendship speeches ^^ (Thats Tea Gardner, NOT Anzu!! XP ) lol./ But yeah, if you want to, e-mail me... I'll always respond. Ja Matte!

Name: Anzu Mazaki
Age: 18
School: 12th
Birthday: August18(March26)
Height: 165cm(about5'4")
Weight: 47kg(about104lbs) (Me:115 lbs)
Fave Food: Ramen, Pocky, Ramune, and Yakisoba
Least Fave food: Yams
Blood-type: O+
(American VA:Amy Birnbaum
Japanese VA: Saitou Maki)

Friends: Yugi/Yami(Atemu), Jonouchi, Honda, Bakura, Mai, Shizuka, Mokuba, (pretty much everyone really). Oh, and Seto too.

Appearance: (OOC: I look just like her acctually) Blue eyes, brown hair, (i personally don't know about the rest of this) peach complexion(well i'm irish, soooo, I is the paste-yness), and 'the perfect figure'(<~ umm... i'm not overweight?? ^.^')


"I'm" in class 1-B at Domino High School, I’ve been friends with Yugi Motou since we were kids. I’m also good friends with Katsuya Jonouchi and Hiroto Honda, though I wasn’t fond of them when we first met. I don’t usually duel, but when Jou-kun was first learning how, I beat him a lot… ‘memories... , all alone in the moon light…’ ^^’
(In the manga, especially in the beginning, Anzu has a spunky, tomboyish personality, and in the first chapter, is able to scare away Honda and Jonouchi after they bully Yugi. She's very kind hearted, strong willed and supportive, yet she can also be seen in some parts of the series as a quick-tempered, pushy, mischievous and somewhat bratty girl who likes doing everything her friends do. In the Duel Monsters anime, she and Honda, while keeping their personalities somewhat the same, are basically cheerleaders for Yugi and Jonouchi. She is known among fans of the Duel Monsters English anime for her "friendship speeches", as she makes one in the majority of the episodes she appears in.)
(While Anzu is athletic,) I hold jobs to save money in order to attend dance school in New York City. (In the beginning of the series, she is revealed to be working at "Burger World" (in the English Duel Monsters anime, "Burgerpalooza"). By Volume 4 in the manga, Anzu is fired from that job for punching a customer who pinched her butt. She gets a job at KaibaCorp afterwards and encounters her friends at Kaiba-Land. In the Toei anime, Anzu, Honda, and Miho work at Burger World, with Miho and Honda working to support Anzu. Once Burger World closes down, Honda and Miho work for a beef bowl restaurant.)
(In the original Japanese versions of the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga, Anzu's speech isn't that polite. Anzu omits honorific suffixes when talking to many people, including Jonouchi and Honda. In Toei's anime, she uses "kun" when referring to Honda and Jonouchi.)
(Anzu is in love with Yugi, but is uncertain if it is Dark Yugi (Yami Yugi) or regular Yugi that she loves more. Even though she has been friends with Yugi since childhood she is unaware that he is in love with her. The story of Anzu's affection for Yugi differs from medium to medium and is a hot debate topic among the fans.) lol. ^^
(In the manga and the anime for much of the series Anzu believes that Dark Yugi is a more mature personality of regular Yugi. While at Duelist Kingdom (Duel 80: The Man Who Comes With the Night!) Yugi tells Anzu that he "knows" that she prefers Dark Yugi. When he offers to switch out with Dark Yugi to give them time alone, Anzu stops Yugi and tells him that there's no need because Yugi and Dark Yugi are both Yugi, so there's no need for him to change, as she cares for both "personalities". It is only later on in the series (Duel 146: Stones of Old), when Yugi is in the hospital after trying to save Dark Yugi that she finally accepts the fact that Yugi and Dark Yugi are two seperate people. This then causes quite a bit of confusion as to who Anzu is really in love with: Yugi or Dark Yugi.)
"Anzu" in Japanese is an apricot or apricot tree.
Well, that was fun...

**This is a RP journal only, ALL Yugioh related characters are copyrights of Kazuki Takahashi**


Yugioh is DDR Love

Yugioh is Shiny Egyptian Love